Wednesday, July 25, 2012

summer back home

check pictures sources on my pinterest (garden, mine)

I decided to go back home for the summer and here's what I'll probably be doing for the next weeks (apart from the obvious, ie hanging out with family and friends and working on my course):
- gobbling up loads of bread from my neighbourhood bakery (one of the hardest thing I find about living in Ireland is the lack of good fresh bread).
- I still haven't been blessed with a bath tub so I will definitely take advantage of my parent's one until I'm irreparably pruned.
- my hometown has the best local market on sunday mornings. I haven't visited in ages (mornings are not my forte) so I'm a bit nervous to see how much it has changed. More generally, I'm happy to re-experience Belgian fruits and vegs as I find that the Irish ones are not as tasty.
- another thing I am missing terribly living in my tiny, dingy flat is lounging in a garden. I am so happy to find mine again even though it has grown into a jungle.
- pharmacy hauls! I can't wait to rummage in my local drugstores to find skincare gems.
- I think i've lived abroad for enough years to see brussels under a new light and really appreciate its beauty. I intend to become all touristy and go snap-happy with my city's landmarks (Grand-Place or Place du jeu de balle), museums (le musée des sciences naturelles or the one on Magritte) and the places of my childhood (like here)
- reading books in my bedroom which flowery walls that have not changed since I moved in, at 4 years old. I'm currently reading Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh and I'm planning to read French classics afterwards like Camus, Colette or Genet.
- spending hours on the phone (or the modern version of it, skype) with my boyfriend because I miss him lots.


Valerie Enríquez said...

This sounds like an amazing way to spend time anywhere! Hope you have a great few weeks. To answer your question about our cruise - we used royal caribbean. It was our first cruise so I certainly don't know how they compare with others. Apparently it was a one-time itinerary but I believe they still do Fjord tours! :)


moira said...

thanks for the info! we visited scandinavia a few years back but decided to skip norway, your stunning pictures convinced me it was a huge mistake. i love the idea of going on a cruise, will look into their website, thanks again! x

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