Wednesday, March 28, 2012

earworm #32: zou bisou bisou

Bet you didn't see that one coming... Like half the planet, I'm suffering from a severe case of earworm-ism after watching the 1st episode of Mad Men's new season. It doesn't seem to want to fade away. It wouldn't be that bad I suppose if the song wasn't linked to that climax of cringe-worthiness of a scene. I actually wasn't able to click on the play button (so I hope this video doesn't get random...). I'm totally falling for Matt Weiner's trap to make us violently hate Megan Draper. It feels like one of these ploys to prove us that we are at the mercy of his genius writing and it doesn't matter how much we hate a character, he'll be able to switch that by clicking his fingers (or his pen). It actually reminds of Lisa in Six Feet Under, totally hateful character beyond redemption and before you can realise it, you start to actually like her, oblivious to the fact that the writers are playing a pathos ping pong game.
Obviously I could be wrong and Megan is set to become viler and viler (I have to say that I wondered at some stage if the 'adultery is back' slogan wasn't meant for her... shocker, cheating on don draper?! she wouldn't be the first mind you...).
But yeah something's telling me that Mr. Weiner is about to teach us a lesson and I might be able to watch this scene again after all but this time with fondness in my cynical heart.

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