Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Concert Review #2 : Patrick Wolf, Dublin, 21-03-2011

I can't believe it's only my second gig review since I started this blog (this is just showing how lazy I am about writing anything). Anyways.
Monday night I went to see Patrick Wolf in The Sugar Club in Dublin. It was short but good. I'm kind of amazed that I haven't got bored of seeing him live yet. Every time, it feels special. It was the first time I saw him in Dublin and it was nothing like nose-in-the-air-Paris or raise-an-eyebrow-Belgium or footloose-London. It was warm and friendly and relaxed. No wild dancing (well maybe a tiny bit on The Magic Position) or stiff-legs viewers. It might be down to Irishness or the configuration of the venue (like a jazz club with tables) or maybe because Patrick Wolf's family was among the spectators. Or because all that together. It was sweet (and a bit sour but that's another story). Patrick looked and sounded magnificent (especially at arm-length distance *pervy grin*).
He wore a red costume that made him look like the happy child of Prince and a toy fireman. He had a change of clothes before the encore, revealing a patched green suit with golden buttons (very wartime-chic-scarecrow).
The new songs (not as many as I expected for a warm-up show) sounded quite cool live and he delivered a fantastic upbeat version of Who Will?.

Setlist :

Time Of My Life

Wind In The Wires
The Libertine
The Bachelor


The Days

Who Will?



The City
The Magic Position

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