Monday, November 29, 2010

the secret garden

One of my little rituals when I spend a few days in my hometown is go and pay a visit to a place I consider to be Brussels' best kept secret. I am not too sure how many people here know about it but it certainly is not a touristic place... and quite selfishly, I hope it remains that way. It's a park that could not be more romantic and perfect. It has an orchard, a rose garden à la française, a lake, a kitchen garden, a creepy burnt down castle, trees that are at least one hundred years old, rhubarb leaves that look like humongous umbrellas and through the back gate of the park you can access an incredible dried swamp in the Brussels Forest.
I clumsily took some snaps (I am not too good with my brother's fancy camera), I am not sure it really renders the full beauty of the place as here Autumn is on its last breath and is already giving way to the terrifying Winter.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wanna live there, despite the snow.

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