Friday, June 25, 2010

Ghibli 2010

What an amazing year for Ghibli fans, the second part of this year is full of promises : a film and... a video game! How exciting does that sound?!
Let's talk about the film first. It will be called The Borrower Arrietty and is based on the book by British writer Mary Norton called, oh surprise, The Borrowers.
I actually never read it but as far as I understand, it is the story of tiny people living in hiding in humans houses, 'borrowing' items from them. Doesn't it sound absolutely cute?
It is supposed to be released the 17th of July in Japan and I really hope the European release won't be too long after.
Here are some screenshots taken from this trailer.

And now the game! It is developped by Level-5 (famous for its Professor Layton series) as well as the Studio Ghibli. It is called Ni no Kuni and tells the story of Oliver, a littly boy who enters a magic world thanks to a little potato doll that his mother gave him before she died.
It is due to be released on NDS in Japan in December this year. A PS3 version will be put on the market in 2011.

Screenshots from this trailer.

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