Monday, February 16, 2009

German Wonderland

Are those ringing a bell for you ?

Yes? But not quite? What if I show you this to you :

I know! It was on the tip of your tongue, they are the fabulous speaking things in Amelie's room. And what am I bringing those up you must think? Well, I recently discovered that there was an artist behind those creations (thanks to Niotillfem and her adorable room), I have always thought that they were the products of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's imagination.
The man who made those is a German artist born in 1945. His name is Michael Sowa. He mostly depicts animals in his artwork in a surrealistic way. It really touched the Lewis Carroll fan I am.
A part from his collaboration on Amelie (his crocodile featured also as little Amelie's imaginary friend), he is mostly famous for illustrating children's books.
I don't know much more unfortunately, information about him is quite rare on the web.
Oh well, I guess it's not what matters after all, let his work talk by itself :

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