Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Earworm #1 : Mystery Jets (feat. Laura Marling) - Young Love

... one night of love has left my bed in a mess...
Spring has definitely come too early in my town. All the cherry trees are happily blossoming, unworried of the next frost. Their careless behaviour is quite infectious to say the least. It's no surprise then that the song driving me mad at the moment is of the sunny-sky-and-blue-birds kind. It's called Young Love. The title is self-explanatory really, it has this happy-go-lucky feeling you may have when the belly-butterflies make your feet lift off the ground. The song features ooh-oohs and easy, repetitive lyrics, it's totally impossible not to sing along. The prominent bass and the drums command you to click your fingers... or clap your hands for the most adventurous kind of people (I stick to the finger-clicking myself).
It is performed by the London band Mystery Jets but what makes the song so remarkable is actually the stunning intervention of the very young English singer Laura Marling. She has this sexy nonchalance in the voice that reminds me of Nancy Sinatra and makes her sound incredibly mature for her age (18 years old).
Young Love is the first single of the band's second album called 21 which is due to be released on the 24th March 2008.
You can listen to the song on the band's myspace and I can't help recommending you to have a look at the video which is quite aesthetic.

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